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Code Committee

Code Committee Co-Chair: Paul Scott

Code Committee Co-Chair: 

Snow Load Sub-Committee Chair: Scott Freestone

Members: Steven Hess, Bill Thompson, Clarence Campbell, Dave Gibbons, Mel Slaysmen

The SEAoA Code Committee evaluates issues related to the various codes that are used in the structural design work done by Structural Engineers.  The issues are presented to the SEAoA Code Committee by the public, other SEAoA embers and jurisdictions.  The Code Committee researches the time, discusses the item and, if agreed to by the committee, makes a recommendation to the SEAoA Board.

Below is the discussion board and document storage for the Code Committee.

Click on one of the folders below to access files that have been posted for the Code Committee's use. Use the Forum section below the folders to read posts, create new discussion topics, and post replies and discussions on existing topics.

Code Committee Files

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